Thursday 25th April- Red Lion, Arundel- 9-11pm

Thursday 30th May- Red Lion, Arundel- 9-11pm

15th June- Private Function

Thursday 27th June- Red Lion, Arundel- 9-11pm

Saturday 13th July - Fete in the Park, Petworth

Thursday 25th July- Red Lion, Arundel- 9-11pm

Friday 16th August- Honeypot- Click here:Ticket only

Thursday 29th Aug- Red Lion, Arundel- 9-11pm

Sunday 22nd September 4-5.30pm Bognor RAFA Club

Other activities......

Sessions led by Mal Simms- Dolphin, Littlehampton
3rd Saturday of the month 1-4pm

Folk Club led by Mal Simms- Dolphin, Littlehampton
1st Saturday of the month 8pm-11pm

Clockhouse Music Club led by Mal Simms- East Preston, last Sunday of the month 7.30pm-10.30pm

'Celtic Simbel are a joy to see and listen to and are definitely not to be missed'

Roger Nash (Chairman of Folk on the Coast and Southdowns Folk Festival)